Humans can survive no less than three weeks without any food intake, but water ? Water is different. You can live up to no more than three days not tasting it, so I find that pretty essential not as much for a lifestyle, as for a life at all. So how can we adapt this need to our other fundamentals, such as always being on the run ? Let’s face it, we all hate it when we have to carry plastic made water bottles all around, using space and looking somewhat distasteful, as it harms our environment. The answer could be represented by the innovative Hydaway, the water bottle you can compress and always have it with you. Made from food-grade silicone, your water will tase fresh, be odor free and nonetheless easy to clean.


Choose from a variety of colors to match your style and your every outfit. You can take it you when at office, at the gym, in the parks or in the mountains. Being 6 inches long, you can hold it with ease, as the anti grip material makes it so; treat yourself with this: save space, time, money and energy which you could use on real things, other than finding water.

It’s also a great gift, a convention for your own benefit, or your kids’ future. You should forget being thirsty, as a refill will get you closer to your daily water drinking goal, based on your own body weight. Water is important, never forget, and such an equipment can forever remind you about it.

One bottle  is $20, but you can order them in packs, so the price ranges from that to $150 for a 10-piece pack.