Noisy seat neighbors, regular already-bottled drinks and the unwelcomed conversations initiated by strangers sharing your armrest are a lot to handle during a 10 hours long flight. Mixing the W&P Design’s expertise in food& beverage product design with Punch’s passion for all drink related things, the Carry on Cocktail Kit, one check point security-friendly travel gear is here to soften your flight nuisance. And it will surely give you reasons to boost your long flights tolerance.

[adsense300gray]The Carry On Cocktail Kit, an obvious upgrade for the dull on-flight drinks, includes six items, which is enough to help you craft two Old Fashioned cocktails at 30,000 feet. Hand-mixed cocktails are at your service using a simple, reusable pocket-sized tin, which recreates the idea of your own mobile mini-bar.
All you have to do is to order a mini-bottle of Bourbon and follow the simple steps of the recipe, which you’ll find printed on the recipe card. Providing unrefined Demerara cane sugar and small batches of aromatic bitters, the Carry On Cocktail Kit will definitely bring the punch of flavor you expect from your Old Fashioned. Use the custom combination bar spoon& muddler made of stainless steel to mix in the ingredients then add a bit of class to your drink with the linen coaster.
Classy and simple to use, the Carry On Cocktail Kit will certainly make your flight more endurable.