We really wish we would have come up with this idea, but without a doubt we couldn’t have done such a great job as the designers of this awesome device called SmartWallit. This is yet another Kickstarter project which got more support that it bargained for and the praise is, as you’ll see in a minute, very well deserved.

We all have those days where we can’t pull ourselves together – either we’re really scattered, tired or whatever it may be, it’s a surprise we don’t lose our mind, not to mention our phone or wallet. The device we’re featuring today is designed to help you keep these two important objects close to each other, and close to you.

SmartWallit uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect to your iPhone4S, iPhone5, iPod Touch 5th Generation or later iPhone series and to some Android phones that support this version of Bluetooth or BLE. All you have to do is place the small (25 grams) anti-loss device on your wallet and install the correspondent app on your phone. If you lose your phone, your wallet will find it. If you lose your wallet, your phone will find it. The Bluetooth works on a 100 ft. distance, more or less, and whenever you cross that distance, your phone will vibrate, reminding you that you’ve left your belonging behind. It goes the other way round, as well, with the wallet beeping if you’ve forgotten your phone.

Another important function of the app is that it tracks down your spending records, by frequently requesting the input details of your purchase and finally showing you what you have bought over the last week, month or year.

You can attach the anti-loss device to other things, like your car keys, your credit card, even to your dog or kids, as it features a key ring, or a band to hold your credit card tight.

You can read about the details on the cool device on Kickstarter. It has many more settings that make it a great gift for yourself or others.








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