For the narcissists, is the best thing ever invented, since the secondary camera on smartphones. Artec Group took the „selfie” one step further, with this state of the art technology, that uses your Kinect to produce a perfect replica of yourself, a 3D selfie, sort of speak; YOU, the action-figure, made of plastic, courtesy of Shapify. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

[adsense300gray]How does this work? Easy as pie. All you have to do is to download the app and connect Kinect sensor. After that, you can scan yourself using the app/Kinect and voila, you can order your own 3D printed figurine.

You’ll have to pay $59 for the 3D plastic copy of thyself, which is a scale model at 1:20 of your height. Home delivery is free of charge though. Basically, with Shapify, 3D scanning and printing are brought to your living room. Just wait for those 3D printers to become cheap enough, all you need is a Microsoft Kinect for either Xbox 360 or Windows and a computer , the rest is up to your imagination!

shapify 2