Redefine Your Music

Today our eyes landed on a very surprising yet awesome music player. Connected via Bluetooth and what not, but it’s made special by the very new capacity to levitate! There is a lot of advantages about that when it comes to quality of the speaker, but we’ll get down to that immediately. For now, I just want to make sure you guys understand, the thing is floating, levitating. How more awesome can technology become!

The company designing it has a motto: “Don’t just rise above the rest. Levitate!” Great one in my opinion, because it sets new heights on this already so crowded sound gadgets industry. The only color option available right now is white with blue indicators, but I think we can expect more in the future, if this little thing is to have the success it deserves.

Floating Because It Can

This amazing gravity defying object can give you up to 10 hours of playback time, while being rechargeable from the dock on which it sits. The rising distance is something about 10mm, but the meaning is in kilometers. Just like Neil Armstrong and his step on the Moon. The sound quality is expected to be top notch, or, at least, this is how the manufacturer presents it to us. Speaking about that, the device allows for complete 360 degrees sound emission, cutting down the losses of frequencies based on the position of the speaker.

The base can be converted to a full time recharging station for your smartphone or tablet whenever connected to a power source. The levitation pattern belongs to Levitation Arts, Inc. and it can be measured using four blue indicators found on the deck, helped by the so-called Dynamic Stabilization mechanism, considered a revolution in the domain. You can connect it using Bluetooth or NFC with a total range of up to 10 metres.

Forget about compromises when buying a gadget for your and your family to enjoy. Greatness is a word not doing any justice for this beautiful innovation of technology. Lay your hands on one of these and thank us later.