Big boys like big toys. There is no need to cover that and no need to look further, as you have come to the right place. Straight out of the catalogue for awesomeness in urban times comes the e-glide. All electric, bursting with energy, they perfectly fit your need for drawing the attention while riding. Imagine all eyes on you, when you pass by those streets you grew up on, all the way down to the big downtown.

Resembling the image of a classic skateboard, e-glide is up to a new level of amplitude in the branch of fully rechargeable devices. Unlike other powerboards, the e-glide doesn’t use any wireless technology, but a fully remote cabled one, thus making it look odd for some, but making it more safe and giving it better manoeuvrability. Packed with li-ion batteries, they bring to the table the most powerful engines on the market right now. The vigorous sound of the engine will leave a display of their might, making a compelling argument of their urban prowess.


They are listed with the ability to mount up a speed up to 20+mph, in combination with the special designed pneumatic (Kenda) tires, giving a sensation like never before, an uncompromised smoothness you could be looking for. The varying models come with different specs, ranging between different battery capacity, top speed while the decks make no exception. They are made of different materials: the aluminium, or special designed Powell Peralta wooden decks, prove to be the most worthy of mentioning.

Their models can be seen bossing around neighbourhoods from all continents. These bad ass toys already conquered the streets of the United States, the uncomfortable conditions of South Africa all the way to the beaches of Rio de Janeiro and the snowy Scandinavia. They say you might be next.

The reasoning for choosing a model is easily understandable. The comfort and stability, the reliability, the strength of both the engine and the battery speak on their behalf, but you should be aware though that any trick you are used to see on a skateboard is probably out of question.