There are quite a few ways to carry your keys in a smart manner, without having them dangling around and making noises right at the most inappropriate time. Keybinder will however come close to the top of your preferences once you see the beauty behind the concept.


As it was expected, the hardest part of the project was figuring out an original way to keep keys in place, especially when they come in various sizes and shapes. An intelligent retention system integrated in Keybinder allows you to keep your keys quiet and all in one place. Keybinder features no sharp edges that could become uncomfortable or even dangerous, and above all that it also incorporates a few extra tools to aid your daily chores. For example, the „exhausting” task of opening a beer cap at the end of the day no longer requires you to find that opener you’re pretty sure you lost; just use Keybinder.

Along with the option of choosing stainless, blackened or brass hardware case, Keybinder also comes with screws that allow multiple combinations for storing keys; it is up to you to play with them and choose the one that suits your needs the best. According to producers, Keybinder can hold up to 14 keys while using 3/4″ screws. If keys aren’t enough for you, Keybinder also provides the possibility of adding a slimline 32GB USB flash drive to your key holder. It is actually shaped in the form of a key and fits perfectly within the screws.

There are quite a few other color options available for Keybinder; one can get early access to this awesome gear by pledging on Kickstarter while the project is still on.