How it works? Hook Wheelmate to your steering wheel – and you’ve got an instant ergonomic desk. Light enough to carry, but sturdy enough to support a notepad, lunch, or even a laptop. If you’re always on the go, the Wheelmate can also be your Eatmate – put your food and beverages on it and have an inside-the-car-picnic. Blog while stuck in traffic. Write your dissertation paper while commuting. Put your cup of hot coffee in front of you to keep you awake while driving at night. Watch videos. Play NFS while driving.

Don’t trust us? Just read a satisfied buyer’s review: ‘Wow is this thing great! I use it as a „mini-bar” when the friends and I go out to the bars. I can quickly fix multiple shots of tequila for myself and the friends as we drive from one bar to the next. We also discovered that if you place a pillow on top of it and turn on the cruise control you can catch quick naps on the interstate. If you swerve to the left or right the rumble strips on the road wake you up in plenty of time before you get into trouble. I can now take longer trips without being tired!’

…Just so you know, this was sarcasm. Please do NOT prepare alcoholic beverages on the Wheelmate, nor use it while driving. Thank you.