Two brothers coming out from Big Sur, the sparsely populated area of the Central Coast of California represent what I like to call design by intuition. Together they formed SVEGLIO (translated as „I awaken” from Italian – a name chose in accordance with their initative to donate 10% of all their income to community-based events and classes that awaken the creative!) a brand aiming to bring balance in our lives, always on the move. The product in discussion today is Volo, a bed without legs, a chair without backrests, a hammock without ropes. It is a very fine piece of craftsmanship, a true inquiry in the world of limitless possibilites called outdoor designing.


Volo is fabricated in Big Sur using materials available around them. Like this, they stimulate local productivity, by creating jobs and also minimize the environmental byproducts caused by international shipping. Pretty neat, don’t you find it ? I sure do, when I look at Volo I see more than just a simple product, I see a creation, and in the end, this is what matters. Jules and Jason make use of computer-driven manufacturing processes, as they like to call them, such as 5-axis water jet cutting, 3D tube bending or 3D printed stainless steel, but bear in mind that the imagination they had to put at work to get it done represents the real mastery behind the final concept.

You have to pay them credit, take a look at the pictures, you might find yourself convinced rather soon that you want one of these, and in order to obtain with, you will have to place an order, and let them make your dream come true.