Since it is not quite comfortable to hold a thick leather wallet in your front or back pocket all the time, a new card-holder design made by engineering student Erik Moon of San Francisco, CA, might be the optimum combination of design and usability.

As men, we don’t have the luxury of carrying around a purse, like our female companions. Still, given the smart design of the DM1 wallet, there’s no need for such an accessory as a handbag.

[adsense300gray]The true minimalist design takes out all the non-essential parts of a wallet. No plastic elements or rubber bands are used; instead the whole product consists of a single aircraft-grade aluminum billet shaped to hold either 4, 8 or 12 credit cards and identification cards.

It’s not like someone actually needs aluminum strong enough to built a plane in order to hold his cards and ids. In fact, the reason why it is used in building the wallet is so it won’t block RFID signals. This way, you can access RFID devices without removing the id from the wallet.

The DM1 wallet feels strong although it weights 23 grams. It features round edges so it won’t get stuck inside the pocket, and the only two detents keep the cards in place. The Decadent Minimalist One is slightly larger than a credit card, measuring 3.53” x 2.38” x 0.36”.

When buying, one has the option of choosing between 6 different colors or hard-anodized finish. Also, the wallet can be further personalized with laser engravings.

Finally, for those fine gentlemen concerned with the environmental impact of this product, it must be mentioned that every piece of aluminum scraped in production is recycled and reused for new DM1 wallets.