With only around a week until Christmas, we’re all stumbling around trying to figure out the best gifts for our friends and family. Since we all have the bearded, flannel-shirt-wearing, wood-chopping, overall rugged beast in our lives, here’s a nice little list of gift ideas for the outdoorsman.


Coal Candles

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In case he’s been a naughty boy (who still appreciates the soft light that comes from a candle, be it in coal shape), this stocking stuffer is a fun and light gift that will bring a smile on his face and light in his cabin.


Hard Cider Soap

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Handmade soap from home-brewed apple cider makes for a perfect exfoliant with a spicy tinge. Plus it will protect his ruggedness from the elements, keeping the skin under the beard nice and soft.


Mountain-Lover T-Shirt

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If he enjoys his alone-time on the mountain, (and he most probably does,) this t-shirt is the perfect item to be worn on such hikes. The mountains are calling, let him answer.


Moustache Wax

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Handmade from all-natural ingredients, this moustache wax will keep the rugged outdoorsman prim and proper, enabling him to style his upper lip hair to his liking.


Titanium And Wood Ring

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Nothing proclaims love for nature more than a wood ring and nothing makes someone feel more masculine than wearing titanium. Or so we think. Give it a try, he might never want to take it off ever again.


Handkerchiefs Set

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For wiping beards and mopping the brow after a hard day’s work at chopping firewood in the backyard, these tough guy handkerchiefs will let your outdoorsman look rad even when blowing his nose.


Guinness And Bourbon Marshmallows

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Where manly meets cuddly, rugged meets cute and hard liqueur meets soothing comfort sweets. These marshmallows are to be enjoyed over a fire he built himself.

We hope these will help you in your search for the perfect gift. Stay smart and stay tuned for more lists. Happy holiday shopping!