[adsense300gray]So, if you’re into prepping or you’re just the outdoors type, say hello to Lifestraw Personal Water Filter. This highly portable water filter was invented back in the day, like ten years ago, in 2005 and it has been intensively used by both civilians and military since then. I must honestly tell you that it’s an excellent addition to your survival kit, and I’m not mincing words here. As you probably know, water is an essential „item” for survival. You’ll last without food for weeks and weeks but the lack of potable water will kill you in a few days. Hence, having a high quality water filter like this baby is mandatory when out in the wild.Being capable of filtering almost all bacteria and all kinds of chemical pollutants, the Lifestraw also comes with a huge 1000 liters of water filtration capacity. What else can be said about it ? Oh, it exceeds EPA’s standards for water filtration, so, go for it!


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