[adsense300gray]If you need a warm and cozy blanket for those unpleasantly cold days, look no further, because I just found the best blanket in the world. Say hello to Rumpl, the ultimate blanket, the alpha and omega, this is what Amundsen used when he explored the North Pole (or was it South pole?). Whatever, this blanket was designed by a team of specialist who loved outdoors and comfort, in the same time. They took the inspiration for the Rumpl after they were amazed about how good those puffy jackets were in sub zero temperatures. And, they decided to create a blanket with the same characteristics, and then some : a soft, durable, tear-proof, stain and odor resistant. One blanket to rule them all. And they called it this improbable and weird name, I know. I think it’s Klingonian for blanket, or something similar. The materials used in this baby are super premium 20d rip-stop nylon with DWR shield, that feels soft and lets¬†skin breathe,¬† yet has the strength and durability of Rhino skin. The insulation is synthetic, ultra soft and totally machine washable, that mimics natural insulation. If you want my advice, go for it, you will not regret it!