[adsense300gray]Have you seen Rambo – First Blood, the cult movie with endless sequels? Well, even if you didn’t, let me tell you Rambo’s little secret for surviving in the most implausible situations: inside that big, bad-ass looking knife of his, in the handle more precisely, he harbored a secret weapon : a survival kit, containing all kinds of cool stuff, such as : a fishing hook and sink, matches, a compass, needles etc. Well, VSSL supplies is basically Rambo’s knife for pacifists. More precisely, you’ll only get the cool handle without the blade. But rest assured, it’s heavy enough and reliable, being perfectly able to break a head or two if necessary. Just kidding, but if you are planning to live out in the forest for a few days or you want to improvise a bug out bug or something, this survival kit in a tubeĀ is the perfect choice. The cool looking anodized aluminum emergency kit contains all kinds of useful stuff, just take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself.