LEGO is well renowned for its Architecture series, released over the years, perfectly capable of recreating very accurately  famous buildings from all over the world . Now, with the Architecture Studio, you can unleash your creativity wild. Your regular LEGO box set consists of colored blocks of plastic and detailed instructions, which, if followed step by step, will allow you to build with your own hands and mad skills the structure pictured outside of the box.

[adsense300gray]But, things are very different with the Architecture Studio. Unlike your pre-set/pre-determined childhood LEGO, this one will allow you to build your own-custom made pyramid, sort of speak, with the help of 1210 LEGO bricks (white and transparent pieces), all kinds of sorting trays plus an ample 272 pages manual; if you’re reading it carefully, this guidebook  will teach you various techniques, in order to help you achieving your goal. Written by leading architects in the industry, this manual is full of tips and tricks, letting you understand and learn the fundamentals of architecture, and I kid you not. This is the stuff the future engineers and architects are made of and is available for sale on, the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones.

LEGO Architecture Studio 1

LEGO Architecture Studio LEGO Architecture Studio 2