Let’s face it! We all have our own little guilty pleasures but for some reason there is one in particular that we seem to share…coffee. Why guilty? Well, is more that obvious, as some might say, that coffee is not that good for our system. But who cares, a pleasure is a pleasure and it shouldn’t be judged…even more, when the universe is working for you to be able to enjoy it at anytime possible.

Honestly, it’s not the universe working. Actually some smart and innovative people took notice of our addiction and created The Wacaco Minipresso in order to make a good deed and keep each coffee lover satisfied.

There is no better way to start your day than with a cup of coffee, especially this time around when the weather is getting colder and you need a bust of energy to get you out of the house. But sometimes you need more than that…some days can get so much harder and tiring that one espresso won’t fix anything. Don’t worry; Wacaco is here to save you from these harsh days. To be more precisely it will be in your purse to save you from these harsh days.

[adsense300gray]This one of a kind espresso machine is the perfect example that less is more, which comes hand in hand with our desperate need for space whenever we run our errands. It takes only a 6.95in recipient to make everything run smoother and not feel the weight of the day, or actually the weight of this little machine. Pouring shots of caffeine from your bag won’t ever feel fancier than now.

For only $39, within a few pushes of a button your coffee will be served in less than a minute. Thus Wacaco is more than perfect for everyone…everyone that has long days at work, or everyone that is a student and even more for everyone that loves hiking, biking, fishing.

Between its semi-automatic piston, through which small quantities of water are injected into the coffee adapter and a small number of pushes a rich and bold espresso is extracted. There is one more thing that makes this light minipresso so great, and that would be the built-in cup, which again will make it easier for you to carry it. Not to say the least but with no energy required the hand operated Wacaco will put at your disposal different water tanks so you can have the pleasure of serving quite a range of espresso, going from risotto to café lungo.

P.S: When you are in times of trouble and you have no idea what present to get for someone…this minipresso will make the perfect choice. Of course only if that person loves coffee.