Everybody loves a six pack, especially ladies. But what I’m gonna tell you folks will make you happier than 10 days off Dukan diet: now, there’s a special six pack, available for all of us, manly men addicted to physical exercise. Because it’s not easy to hold your beers on a hot day like this, especially when you’re riding a bike.

Meet the 6 Pack Bike Bag, the brainchild of a genius, inspired from Kangaroos or something. It’s basically a beer holder which comes very handy when you’re taking your bruskis for a ride.

The 6 Pack Bike Bag is like body armour for your precious beer, made of canvas, Velcro and painted in bright orange, just like those black boxes on a plane. You don’t want to lose those cold beers, do you?

When you will arrive at the party riding your cool bike and showing off your 6 Pack Bike Bag, you will be very popular, at least with the ladie friends.

And who needs women when you’ve got beer? I must tell you that I don’t encourage riding the bike and drinking at
the same time, but I bet it can be fun, just take a look at those Epic Fail videos on YouTube.