Toolboxes haven’t evolved much over the last decades, but this is about to change! The Coolbox is about to hit the stores! Besides all the compartments and storage space provided by every toolbox, Coolbox comes with a rugged design and some awesome new features!

It comes with dual handles, bluetooth speakers, LED lights, a whiteboard, retractable power cord, 3 way power splitter, internal rechargeable battery, USB charger, tablet stand, wheels and more! The Coolbox is available in two color schemes: red/black and yellow/green. Also, you have to choose between the 120v and the 240v models.

[adsense300gray]Why spend money on a plain toolbox and on other accessories mentioned in the above list, when you can have all wrapped-up in one! Early adopters get to save $130. And some signature edition tools (hammer, screw driver, hex key set, etc.) are available over the internet, too!

Combining utility and technology it will surely be a hit and will make those boring old toolboxes history once and for all. With it, your tools are all in one place so that you can have any job done in no time, but also your projects will become more enjoyable!

So, what will your first project be after you purchase your very-own Coolbox?