Here’s an alternative to the Segway for those of you who are actually concerned with how you look and what people think of you – the Boosted Board is exactly that: a board with a boost. An electrical skateboard that will propel you into the future with an average of 20 mph. Designed and built in great ol’ California, this wheeled baby will allow you a 15% grade climb, 6 mile range and, as stated before, 2- mph, all after only a 90 minute charge. The board itself weighs so little (15 lbs) that you’ll want to take it everywhere with you. The deck is made out of flexible bamboo, having attached to its back a 40V lithium ion phosphate battery and dual brushless outrunner motors that are bluetooth controllable. Yeah, that’s right – a skateboard with a remote control. The Jetsons would be proud.

[adsense300gray]Using it is very easy to learn, given its intuitive software, adjustable power that lets you control the speed (ranging from standard to expert mode in order to fit your skill level,) wireless handheld control that lets you hit the brakes or accelerate by using the thumbwheel remote, and regenerative braking. This last thing on the list is pretty slick, since it recharges the battery while smoothly reducing your speed. The Boosted Board is the perfect item for anybody, really, from children to company CEO’s who just want to bypass the traffic in an effortless and cool way. Make the sidewalk your buddy and embrace the future. The only downside of this is the lack of effort you have to put into moving, which kind of makes the whole exercise part of skateboarding moot. Not for the most active of people, but definitely worth a try. Grab one before they’re all sold out.

Boosted_Board_Components1 Boosted-Electric-Skateboard-Vehicle1


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