A dry bag is very useful in bad weather conditions or when you’re going surfing or swimming and not willing to keep your valuables on the side where they might become prey for willing minds. When you’re getting out of the gym or from the pool, a nice bag that can keep water from dripping out is great to hold your equipment. But why use two bags when Matador Droplet aims to work both ways and still fit in a tiny recipient you can almost add  it to your key chain?


Matador Droplet wet bag can both keep the water from getting inside itself or blocking it from escaping from inside. Since it works both ways, you don’t have to worry about whether liquid will pour from the bag or will enter it. When fully unpacked, Matador Droplet bag holds 3L of space inside; that’s just amazing given the tiny space it occupies when folded inside its silicone droplet. Droplet is not a bag that’s limited to only preserving sweaty clothes or keeping water from wetting dry ones. In fact, due to its design, it can keep snacks from messing documents in your briefcase or even protect electronics from submersion. You really don’t want that smartphone to get water inside, right?

On the overall, Matador Droplet is blue, small when packed but large enough when opened; it can hold electronics, clothes, gym equipment. On top of all, its size allows users to carry it on the keychain, on the back of a backpack, inside luggage trolleys and so on. Getting a few of them might be actually a good investment instead of carrying just one.


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