Cycling is relaxing, fun, good for your body, and so on. It’s an eco-friendly way to go from a place to another. But it’s also risky (especially at night).Only in the UK 19,000 cyclists are involved in accidents every year.

Road safety should come first for everyone regardless of the means of transportation they choose. Taking this into consideration, Volvo Cars have collaborated with Albedo100 to develop a solution for those who prefer traveling on two wheels instead of four. Their solution is an ingenious spray paint called Life Paint.


I know what’s now passing through your mind: graffiti! But, Life Paint isn’t a regular paint! It’s like an invisible cloak that turns visible in the glare of car headlights! You don’t have to worry about the clothes you choose to wear when cycling at night anymore. Simply shake and spray this magical paint onto your clothes, helmet and bike! It lasts for approximately one week after the application, but you can wash it off even before this dateline! It doesn’t even affect the original color or the material of the surface you spray it on!

Although designed in with cyclists in mind, Life Paint can also be used in other ways. You can apply it on shoes, pushchairs, children’s backpacks, dog collars, everything – just name it!

The Volvo vision is by 202 year no person will be seriously injured or killed by  a new Volvo. Life Paint is a great step in this direction although, as they point out, „the best way to survive a crash is not to crash”.