Here comes the perfect gadget that can be used to create the perfect gift : the custom single portrait stamp, or stamp yo face, if you’re the illiterate kind.

If you’re the narcissistic type of person, you can surprise your loved ones with the coolest gift of all : you can print your face (or yo face, whatever) on a custom rubber stamp and instead of signing your letters/emails with your usual hand written signature, well…you get the general idea. To achieve that,  all you have to do is to send your favorite picture  and „Stamp Yo Face” will use it to draw your face and use it in the manufacturing of a rubber stamp. Obviously, with your ugly mug imprinted on it.

All of the rubber stamps are manufactured individually, hand drawn (they’re works of art, kind of), the image is digitized and the end result is crafted to last you a life time. Along with the „yo face” rubber stamp, you will also receive your original hand drawn portrait and the digital file of the portrait, plus a black ink pad.

I think it’s a cool idea, what about you?



stampyoface 2

stampyoface 3