[adsense300gray]The prepper movement is getting traction even in the mainstream „culture” and here the Gerber Myth Kit comes into play. For just $500, you’ll get the full package, lock stock and barrel, with lifetime warranty. The kit contains various tools and knives, suited for your daily needs, when it comes to a survival situation , of course. Especially for hunters, Gerber offers a multitude of knives, with various tip points, crafted for capping and dressing the game in all shapes and sizes. The set also contains a flashlight, a folding saw and a special tool for sharpening the knives. The Gerber Myth kit  is manufactured using the finest materials available  and comes with a special carrying bag, featuring top flaps and side zippers, allowing you to store the entire set inside of it. The bag is also dust and dirt proof, so your precious tools will be safe in any weather conditions.  The Myth series is designed and engineered for both the occasional and the professional hunter. Being lightweight and featuring grippy and ergonomic handles, the smart tools inside the kit are a pleasure to work with and if taken care of properly, will serve you for a life time.