Bigger doesn’t always mean better

Have you heard about those Swiss army knives, made for multitasking in various conditions, imposed by the different landscapes a soldier can find himself in ? Of course you have, they are famous all over the world. Well, this is what Klax, the Multi Tool Ax is here to represent: the idea that small things can be extremely underappreciated when it comes to getting things done in a clear and timely manner. This was a Kickstarter project, as we now expect it to hit retailing rather sooner than later. Klax is a great tool for outdoor conditions ? Which ones ? Pretty much all there is.




Brilliant, innovative and reliable

The big thing about Klax is that you can have the head of the ax attached, using a clamp system, to any trustworthy piece of wood you can find around, thus transforming it into a veritable handle. The whole setup process could take very little, an impressive less than five minutes is mentioned on the manufacturer Kickstarter page.  Other than that, you can use it as a hammer or a wrench to get rid of any material ahead of you, too solid to be removed using bare hands. Need a ruler to measure small distances, not wanting to let things to chance ? Klax is here to help, as a compact unit made for you to enjoy working outside, with him as your best companion. After a day of hard work, you deserve to enjoy your rest, but we know it’s a must to be done while taking a final look at how the day ends. To complete that endeavor, Klax comes to your aid functioning as a bottle opener. Very pleasing stuff indeed ! This tool asserts itself as being one of the most versatile out now on the market.




There are four different versions of Klax: the Lumberjack, the high-end one with the most features. Then there comes the Woodsman, mid-level, still very capable and strong having available the most of useful features. The Feller, great for outdoor comes third and finally we got the Ti-Klax, a titanium version of the Lumberjack, being stronger yet lighter.

Put your faith in it when it comes to hiking, climbing, survival conditions, building things and many, many others.




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