Every Day Is A Challenge

If you want to be the modern role model of a man, you need to face challenges at each step. You can’t follow the tracks of anyone, you need to forever be on your own way. A Kickstarter project is here to lend you a helping hand. Called Jackfish Survival Credit Card Holder it’s just way more than the name reveals.

You can place up to four credit cards inside of the titanium-made holder, which has been tested around for the last years, the manufacturers wanting to make sure when released, the best product will land in the hand of the user. Other than this, you can put diverse tools in it to help you if, let’s say, you need a little fix here and there, one that will make a big difference.

Their philosophy is simple: a pocket survival kit is needed every day. How is that? Well, they admit that you need 50% of their products each day. The others might home handy when the situation calls for. The thing is, you need to use it every day, because the day you might stop finding use for it and leave it home, might be that crucial day. Don’t joke on this, folks, you never know when a life can be saved so easily.

Who’s It For ?

Everyone. Travelers, explorers, workers, youngsters or veterans. Inside, you will adapt, as mentioned before, two kinds of tools. Everyday tools, which are a micro screwdriver with flat head, a Pozi drive, titanium coated, titanium coated flat head standard hex bit, a micro SD card reader and a true utility telescopic pen.

Others are referred to as survival tools: an aluminium whistle, a glass vial, windproof matches, firesteel (you can light a fire with it), a bug knife and a button compass. This division of the items is, of course, variable. But one thing stands clear, you need one of this. Tighten a screw, clean some water, carry some documents with the reader, you name it.


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