There was a time for lavishness for our fairly reckless elders. And since times are changing, in terms of natural resources, it is the time for us to become more environmental aware. Water scarcity may be a less highlighted environmental issue these days as long as most of us have their 2 liter of water per day already bottled, but according to UN statistics, in 2030, 47% of the world´s population will be living in areas of high water stress.

Water harvesting, though a traditional method for the Asian people and less applied or known among others, is encouraged now by the ingenious Fontus Self-Filling Bottle. After doing more than 30 experiments, the creator Kristof Retazar achieved a constant drop-flow of one drop of condensed water per minute. Further, he developed this small, compact, easy to handle and ready to be attached to your bicycle device. The harvesting process is anything but complicated! Fontus is able to absorb humid air, separate water molecules from air molecules and store water in liquid form in a bottle.

[adsense300gray]You don’t have to actually die of thirst or live in an arid area of the world to use this sporty accessory. It’s extremely suitable for those who take long bike tours and hate the never ending search for freshwater sources. Because Fontus is an eco-friendly device, power is provided by solar cells and is capable of harvesting up to 0.5 litres of water in one hour’s time, if climatic conditions are proper.

The car-bicycle trade has already been made and reducing environmental risks it always seemed the clever thing to do. So instead of running out of water why don’t you ride a bike for your water, since there’s still plenty of it in plain sight!