With a constant evolution in the technological area, the pressure builds up and competitors must always find something ground-breaking in way to gain their place on the market. Probably this was the cornerstone of the Adobe and Moleskine’s parnership, during which they decided to combine the traditional with digital. So, imagine you’re an artist in the cubism art-movement and you need to draw a sketch. Well, here is where Adobe and Moleskine come.

[adsense300gray]They created a notebook and an app that can make Picasso’s job easier. One can draw the sketch into the notebook (of course, nothing can replace the paper-artist contact) and then snap a picture of it using the free Adobe Creative Cloud app. The program is guided by some special alignemet indicators printed on the corners of the pages, into perfectly fitting the sketch, without any distortion. With Adobe Creative Cloud you can upload your files in the Creative Cloud and then modelate your picture with limitless flexibility given by Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

The Molskine Smart Notebook and Adobe app duo makes the artistic process a lot more accesible, finding a middle way between the conservative manual painting and the current smart-painting. Another advantage is that you don’t need vast technical skills. The operation requires basic knowledge, so it won’t interfere with your inner artistic yin-yang and spoil your cretive disposition. This may be also a strong contra-argument to the Technological Singularity theory and the never-ending debates over artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence.

The Adobe Creative Cloud App is available on the App Store, free, designed only for iPhones.