[adsense300gray]Here’s something very useful and awesome for those of you who regularly travel long distances by car, single or with your loved ones. Let’s say that you or someone else wants to sleep at some time, but can’t because of the lack of comfort. I personally hate sleeping in the car, as I always wake up with a pain in my neck or my back due to the inadequate position.

Well, this problem sees its solution in the Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed, a special kind of mattress that comes with an additional air pump for filling the area between the seats from the back and the front ones, thus offering more space than the back seat offers, turning it into a comfortable bed.

The Fuloon Inflatable Bed is designed for fitting in most cars and measures 135(L) x 88(W) x 42(H) cm. It serves mutltiple purposes besides being a comfortable little bed, you can take it in the water or use it as a couch as well, when camping outside, for example.
Its price might seem a little spicy, but if you come to think about how useful this thing is, you’ll realize that it’s definitely worth it. I’m surely getting one, as my girlfriend is always complaining about the bad sleep she gets when travelling and always builds an improvised pillow from clothes and stuff like that, but that’s not very helpful, you know.

Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed 1
Fuloon(TM) Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed 
Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed 3
Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed 5