Skateboarding is a mirror that reflects the rider’s style and personality, it is a source of self-awareness. Through skateboarding, we interact with the urban playground, redefining its rigid borders. For example a fence symbolizes a border, it limits your access to an area, but on a skateboard, you can turn that fence into a less rigid element, using it for a trick. Also, this sport gathers people and inspires them as most of the industry brands are skater-owned or skater-involved – graphics, photos or the team managers are mostly skateboarders thus it creates a strong connection, a community between the brands and the clients. Simply put, skateboarding is more than a sport.


Penny Skateboards makes no exception in having values that create such strong connection. Beside being skater owned, their products are crafted from the highest quality raw materials and fanatical attention to detail as well as designed and built to look good and perform well to meet and even exceed your expectations.

This Spring, Penny Skateboards introduces the Fresh Prints 2015 – a collection inspired by the amazingness of the ’90s, paying homage to its colorful street culture. These new fresh prints combine bright colors with geometric patterns, paying tribute to the fabulous street style of the 90’s – the decade that brought us unforgetabble TV series like Beverly Hills 90210, Saved by the Bell or the great music scene with its hip hop beats and its boy bands invasion. It sure gave you a feeling like we’re all in this great party and nobody wants to leave – exactly what Fresh Prints 2015 is all about.