Pumpkin scent, costume party invitations fill your inbox and in the blink of an eye Halloween and the winter celebrations are here. Each year, the hardest task is to surpass your old, predictable costumes and to surprise your friends with something out of the ordinary. The Downloadable 3D Mask is here to make the job easier for you. Even for those of you who aren’t very skilled craftsmen, the construction process of the mask is very simple. You only need a printer, scissors or a craft knife, paper, glue, cardboard and tape card.

[adsense300gray]After purchasing the mask template the next step is to download the instructions. While following those simple steps you’ll notice that this mask’s assembling require so very little from you. Basically, all you have to do is to print the templates on A4 size paper, stick them to the card, cut them out, match the numbers and tape the parts together. Even if the pattern is ready-to-assemble, it comes in plain white allowing you to decorate it in your own taste and to give it your personal touch. Due to the polygon construction, you don’t have to worry about its resistance. Made entirely from cardboard and paper, this polygon construction mask isn’t just cool, but a far better and eco-friendly option than other masks available in stores.

Still in the Halloween costume rush? You`d better activate the ‘Halloween spirit’ mode with this cool Downloadable 3D Mask.