Inventor Alex Shirley-Smith brings you a new way to experience the world. Simple suspended shelters which allow a unique perspective for those who wish to tread lightly on the Earth.

Say hello to Tentsile, the first handmade suspended accommodation that you can set up in any environment. Camping above ground seems to be way more appealing than the alternative – and for good reason: there are no creepy crawlies in the air, plus  you’re safe from being attacked by whatever attacks campers in forests these days. Not to mention how you won’t have to clear away any parts of the forest just to make room for your tent. This also means you can camp over rocky landscapes and terrains that would have left you with a sore back.

The tent is made out of a collapsable frame of webbing straps, which is also fire retardant and water resistant. It is recommended that the tent be set up 1 m off the ground, to facilitate access and reduce any injury potential.

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Tentsile The Suspended Tent 5
Tentsile The Suspended Tent 4
Tentsile The Suspended Tent 3
Tentsile The Suspended Tent 2
Tentsile The Suspended Tent 1