Having trouble administering your finances? Do you always forget where you left your cards? Are you worried about the security of your cards? Well, worry no more! Let us introduce you Wocket – the world’s ¬†first smart wallet!

What makes Wocket so special? It turns up to 10 thousand cards into one WocketCard… And you havent’t heard all: it uses biometric voice security to keep your information protected.

How does it work? Nothing complicated, just swipe all your cards into the Wocket usigng the included card reader. Barcodes and text (e.g. voter’s registration), loyalty or membership cards can also be included!

[adsense300gray]While other products on the market depend on a smartphone/ app/ internet connection, the Wocket works all by itself! It can communicate with your phone or tablet, using a special app in order to manage your accounts and update its firmware – but no matter the situation, you can always use your wallet.

Wocket is not only the smartest wallet on Earth, but it also protects your identity by storing information on a tamper-proof, encrypted chip protected, as already mentioned by your voice print. Being biometrically locked, the Wocket is worthless to any other person who gets hold of it!

The Wocket comes also with cash holding accessories, in case you need to carry cash or any document such as insurance cards or voter’s registration cards. It also has an additional card holder for your ID and driver’s license (although you can swipe your license information – excluding the photo – onto your Wocket!).

Although now available with an exclusive invitation, the Wocket is surely an useful item and will be a great hit!