Tighten the screws, loose the bolts or repair something quickly. It can happen anywhere, anytime and you simply cannot carry the box of tools with you everywhere.

How about carrying a pan? Not just any pan, but a Tool Pen with 6 interchangeable bits which come in slotted, metric hexagon, imperial hexagon, Philips, square, star shape, etc. You have 22 bits options but the pen can only hold 6 at once. All bits are made of high-quality, milled SAE 8660 and you can use them to fix your bike, cabinet, furniture, electronics, laptop, outdoor equipment, general household essentials and many more.

[adsense300gray]The pen comes in various colors (Champagne Gold, Gunmetal and Snow Silver) and it measures 15cm (6.2in) long and 1.75cm (0.68in) diameter, and the weight reaches 93 grams (3.2 ounces) with all 6 bits inside. Inspired by the Pop-a-Point rainbow pen and the mechanical pencil we had in our childhood, the Tool Pen can be placed in your pocket, backpack or purse, and can be easily mistaken for an elegant writing pen.

Easy to use, simply grab and pull the first bit off the front of the pen and insert the anew bit into the hole at the back. The side of the pen has five small windows to see which bits are inside and a magnet secured lid which offers protection to the bit form stabbing your bag or pocket.

The innovative Tool Pen is compact, lightweight and portable so that you can carry it anytime and fix things wherever you are.