After a busy week all you need is a relaxing weekend in the most beautiful hotel… And it’s free, by the way! Yes, we’re talking about nature!

But, if there’s one thing we hate about spending time in nature, and I think that most of you will agree, is sleeping! Well, now there’s a solution for this so forget about back aches and stiffens! After reaching 15 countries, Amok Equipment’s patent pending hammock – Dramur has been improved.


The idea behind Dramur was to create an adjustable and portable bed. However, the second generation of this popular hammock is taking things to a whole new level. It’s customized for outdoor sleeping and can be quickly adapted into a recliner, a bug free area or a flat bed (with or without a trap).

So,  the Dramur hammock is perfect for lots of things not just sleeping! For instance, you may like to enjoy your favorite bevrage or to read something  while having it adjusted as a chair! And the bug netting promises to keep all those pesky insects away!

Some even say that it’s so comfortable you may want to replace your own bed with a Dramur!

To put it short: Amok Equipment have done a really nice job with improving an already cool product! The second generation of Dramur hammocks is certainly going to be a smash hit!

So, do you want to hang around a little bit?