[adsense300gray]Maybe you were fooled by the name, but no, Lay/N/GO Traveler it’s not what you were thinking about and yes, you have a dirty mind. What you’re actually reading about has nothing to do with dubious morality, it’s all about a weird gizmo, a multipurpose bag like creature. What it actually does is to provide you with storage space for your small items when travelling, i.e. your toothbrush, sunglasses, cosmetics, guns and ammo, you got the picture. What makes it different from the variety of bags available on the market is that the Lay/N/Go Traveler opens up in a shape of a platform, so if you’re looking for something minuscule and you can’t find it (if you ever had to find anything in a woman’s purse you know what impossible means), well, you got the picture. Problem solved. The design is pretty clever, being basically a big circle featuring a draw string around it, which can be loosen or tighten, according to one’s needs, changing it’s form and volume. So, it comes pretty handy. Made of water repellant polyester, it’s as durable as it

The Lay-N-Go traveler 2

The Lay-N-Go traveler 3 The Lay-N-Go traveler 4

The Lay-N-Go traveler