Bravur Ip Black Graphite Watch

Made in Switzerland (the good Germans), featuring a Ronda quartz mechanism with 5 jewels, gold plated and with a crystal dome sapphire, the Bravur IP Black with the graphite grey dial is one classy timepiece. The case width measures 41 mm and it’s manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Each watch comes with an unique serial number engraved on its back and the straps are made of Swedish/Italian leather. I must tell you, I love the minimalist design of the Bravur IP Black, its round … continue reading

$1275 Buy

Scuderia Corsa Black IP

If you fancy  Scuderia Italia, well, let me show you a watch with a price tag of almost $1400. Basically, here’s the “Droid” you were looking for… The Black IP Scuderia features a black and green NATO strap and it’s intended for those of you who are passionate about racing. Being a Swiss made watch, it comes with a Ronda mechanism, a quartz unfortunately. For that kind of money, I would have expected an automatic, but maybe I am a picky bastard. The black and … continue reading

$1395 Buy

Greyhours Essential Watch

What Greyhours wanted to accomplish was a surprising watch that’s both classic and trendy, and won’t cost fortunes. And boy did they do it! Combining a cool, minimal yet practical design with exclusive materials that are commonly used for pricey, high-end timepieces, they seem to have found the perfect combination. The case has 40 mm diameter, and is a mix of stainless steel and Diamond Like Carbon (aka amorphous carbon). The matte black (or white) dial displays hours, minutes, seconds, day, date and is covered … continue reading

$250 Buy

Moto 360 The Smartwatch That Might Be

Google’s getting serious about smartwatches and that’s a good thing. After the recently announced Android Wear – a platform for wearables, Motorola unveils its Moto 360 – a smartwatch that’s emphasising the design of classic timepieces. Almost as cool as the concept we’ve showed you a couple of days ago. Boasting a circular, digital watchface running on Android Wear, it will grant its owner access to notifications with gestures or voice control. Motorola says they’ll make it available this summer, in a variety of styles … continue reading

$TBA Buy

This Is How A Smartwatch Should Look And Feel

All the Smartwatch manufacturers today are trying to make us, the customers, look and feel like cyborgs. Sure, we do love gadgets and technology but still, the product must have a cool style. If I wanted a smartwatch to look and feel like my smartphone, I’d just attach a strap to my iPod Nano, and there you go – a smart-something around my wrist. Gabor Balogh took Triwa’s Havana watch pictures and used them to express his vision on how smartwatches should look and feel … continue reading

The Minuteman One Hand Watch

Let me tell you something folks: don’t you think that two handles on a watch are a little bit too much of a hustle and overrated? I mean, who needs a regular watch, after all? It’s way too mainstream. Hence, let me show you something different, for a change : say hi to the Minuteman, the One Hand Watch! What makes this little guy stand out from the crowd is the fact that’s almost impossible to tell the exact time when looking at it. At … continue reading

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Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic

Victorinox is one of those legendary brands that made my childhood worth living. I am referring to the Swiss army knife, that beautiful folding knife we all know and love. Lately, Victorinox diversified their portfolio and started their own line of time pieces, built with the same attention to detail, high end materials and craftsmanship. Enter the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic 1/100th, one beautiful chronograph watch, one of the coolest watches released in 2013. That, of course, in my humble opinion, don’t start throwing … continue reading

$740 Buy

The Industrial Craft Collection From Nixon

The well known watch maker Nixon just unveiled their latest collection, entitled Industrial Craft, which is basically a tribute/homage to the craftsmanship of industrial gear and work wear. The whole concept behind the Industrial Craft Collection is that real truth is in the history, and it must be revealed by this vintage influenced/work wear inspired watch collection. There are six watches in the Industrial Craft collection : October, 51-30 Chrono, Rover SS,  Corporal SS,Sentry SS, and Deck. What makes these watches different from other collections, besides their … continue reading

$200+ Buy
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