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Modern Twist on a Forgotten Timepiece – The Pocket Watch

The Paris Collection The simple question of where simplicity turns to greatness is not so often answered with simple words. It takes men of complex action to take things a step further. This is what Wanderlust Watches is here to do. Their Kickstarter project represents the revival of what was considered obsolete in terms of men fashion: the pocket watch. … continue reading

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Longines Heritage Military COSD

Ties that bind The Heritage collection from Longines it’s a true statement for class and distinction. With each timepiece they’re adding, the collection becomes richer not only in numbers, but in purpose and uniqueness as well. Brave men who wrote history During the Second World War, back in the 1940s, the British Special Forces equipped their paratroopers with a watch … continue reading

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Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Him

Well, my dear guys, I searched high and low for some of the coolest gifts available this season and I chose top 20 Christmas gifts that I would give to my special man for this unique occasion. I am always in a big trouble when I am searching for the right Christmas gift for him, because there are a lot … continue reading

Top 10 Watches you’re Hoping to Get for Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time and the right moment for Hispotion to represent top 10 watches you’re hoping you’ll get for Christmas. A watch you wear says a lot about your style and you. Not only it tells what time it is, the right watch also adds a little something to your wrist. 2015 top 10 Christmas watches are great silver … continue reading

Pocket Watches Are Back

Ever since pocket watches were developed in 16th century, they represented not only the most popular type of portable clock design, but also an integral part of male fashion. Time is also an important dimension we have created to order events in the past, present and future. Keeping time is a key to success; every second matters, but it is worthless if it … continue reading

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IWC Portuguese Hand-Wound 8 Days Watch

Celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Portuguese watch line, IWC introduced a model that withdraws style elements from its older sibling. What is there so special about the Hand-Wound 8 Days that made it worthy for the spotlight? Unlike other watches available at the moment, one could clearly consider the 8 Days a paradox you can fall in love with.

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Lum-Tec DSPTCH Special Edition Combat Watch B25

Ever wondered what sort of instruments soldiers and spec ops fighters use to track time during missions? Of course, such data is most likely not subject to public knowledge; however, enthusiasts can get some idea and feel a military like watch on their wrist by choosing Lum-Tec’s DSPTCH special edition combat watch B25.

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Meet Pebble Time Round

Have a little chat with Pebble Time Round, the new smartwatch coming out from the Kickstarter esquadron bearing the same calling. On September 23rd 2015, they announced it on their blog, calling them “A new face for Pebble”. At a first glance, you might notice the neat display, the chic color combination, a playful demonstration of style.

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Slow Jo 19 Watch Follows A Slow Time Path

It’s not easy to ignore the fact that time passes fast. If you’re a heavy sleeper and get out of bed later than 10 AM, the day is almost lost. Physically slowing down time is not (yet) possible, but doing certain experiments to handle how we perceive time can actually help. slow Jo 19 from slow watches tries a different … continue reading

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Klokers – A Slide Rule Inspired Watch

Watches are a huge part of a modern man outfit. I mean, the watch should be the first thing somebody takes a note at when looking at you, not the suit. The suit is only the frist thing to be seen, but the wach is the one that makes the difference. The perfume is for feel, the watch is for … continue reading

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