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Meet Pebble Time Round

Have a little chat with Pebble Time Round, the new smartwatch coming out from the Kickstarter esquadron bearing the same calling. On September 23rd 2015, they announced it on their blog, calling them “A new face for Pebble”. At a first glance, you might notice the neat display, the chic color combination, a playful demonstration of style.

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    Slow Jo 19 Watch Follows A Slow Time Path

    It’s not easy to ignore the fact that time passes fast. If you’re a heavy sleeper and get out of bed later than 10 AM, the day is almost lost. Physically slowing down time is not (yet) possible, but doing certain experiments to handle how we perceive time can actually help. slow Jo 19 from slow watches tries a different approach on what we see when checking the time. The authentic Swiss Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT Quartz movement that comes with Slow Jo 19 featured 4 hands and … continue reading

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    Klokers – A Slide Rule Inspired Watch

    Watches are a huge part of a modern man outfit. I mean, the watch should be the first thing somebody takes a note at when looking at you, not the suit. The suit is only the frist thing to be seen, but the wach is the one that makes the difference. The perfume is for feel, the watch is for touch. Watches come in various forms of expression, some are pure handwork, style and class, while others are genuine utility, a simple yet so wide manifest of … continue reading

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    Skyview Pinnacle Features An Apple Watch On The Strap

    Nico Gerard is a luxury brand that continues family tradition of innovations, their timepieces are modern classics crafted in Switzerland. This is how the creators of Skyview Pinnacle present themselves, and the new concept coming out from them is inspired by the bright color of the summer sky, relaxing, giving you the calmness of the summit in the Alps – but wait for it, there is something more. I find this watch a true piece of art. You don’t get to see such a beauty each and … continue reading

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    Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph – Brian Redman Edition

    Painted in the same red and white nuances as the Porsche Salzburg car that Brian Redman used to defeat Petro Rodriguez in 1969’s Nurburgring race, the Autodromo Prototipo watch radiates with different types of emotion. The bright green seconds dial had its color chosen in such way that it matched the green insertions of the above-mention Porsche, which made it stand out even … continue reading

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    Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Laptimer Michael Schumacher

    Michael Schumacher, the greatest Formula One driver to have ever existed lived his career and his life circling between being a magnificent racer and a man of modern times. It is more than having the best lap counters or the number of pole-positions. The number of titles, the victories, the records always had a key word in their definition: innovation. Accustomed to having the time summed up as simple, plain numbers, in the form of minutes spent completing each lap, he wanted more. This is how Royal … continue reading

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    Oak And Oscar Burnham Watch

    Watch out! There is a new brand in town and they are just about to release their first product. Oak and Oscar is a Chicago-based luxury watch brand that has been recently founded. However, their first product, the Burnham watch, named after famous city planner and architect David Burnham, is about to make you sell your soul for a piece; that’s how gorgeous it is. You don’t usually expect the first product of a company to be a sale-breaker, but it looks like the Burnham Watch might … continue reading

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    Anicorn Series 000 Black & Red Watch

    It is a common fashion today to blend classics with modern design elements. Some companies manage to successfully develop the mix, while others fail to. Fortunately, the Anicorn Black & Red Watches are on the bright side of the horizon. A Swiss custom made typeface beneath a sapphire crystal glass and onto concentric disk system creates a fresh take on traditional elegance, as developers state. The Anicorn watches are using Miyota 8215 automatic movement along with three hands. It features 21 jewels and has a battery that powers … continue reading

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