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Casio G-Shock MR-G “Hammer Tone”

Functionality Doubled By Charisma Being made by the Japanese, te G-Shock has already left a deep cultural footprint in and out, but mostly around eash horology enthusiast, for its resilience and impeccable display of quality, both in design and function. If you are a true watch lover, you have to appreciate the Casio G-Shock trademark. But if you’re a man … continue reading

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The Amazing Traverse Alpha Watch By Suunto

Traverse Alpha Might Be Exactly For You Suunto, a Finnish based company, defines their work as “wearable tech for athletes, outdoor adventurers & divers.” If your interests and hobbies float around, then the Traverse collection of watches is for you. We talk about watches created to let you immerse yourself in not only the atmosphere around you, but become a … continue reading

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Bugatti Chiron PF 390 Timepiece

Timeless Timepieces We all love that moment when we see a collaboration between two luxury brands. Because the excellence from two different fields of expertise always leads to greatness. This time, Parmigiani Fleurier joins the Italian car manufacturer Bugatti to create a masterpiece of a watch, called Bugatti Chiron PF 390. This is the personification of style in one object. … continue reading

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HYT Skull Bad Boy Watch

 Between Conformists And Non-Believers HYT is a Swiss brand creating luxury watches renowned for their adventurous craftsmanship, always looking to improve and innovate. Their work is the avant-garde of this new generation, and, while founded in 2012, they have already captured a lot of attention in the field. Now, they come with a special edition of their Skull release, named … continue reading

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Timex x Redwing Waterbury Watch Collection

While in most cases, collaboration between big brands result in huge price tags, Timex and Redwing Waterbury have turned the tides and revealed a watch collection that’s accessible to a large number of pockets. The watchmaker and footwear builder have each over 100 years of experience in their own area. The 3 available watch types look astonishingly good and the … continue reading

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Luminox Recon Leader Military Grade Watch

In a world full of touchscreens, projectors and VR sets, a classic piece of hardware that fits the current flow of life is hard to find. Surviving through a multitude of possible electronic replacements and fashion trends, watches have not lost their usage. Mechanical watches have always been a part of a gentleman’s EveryDay Carry (EDC), as well as a … continue reading

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Hublot All Leather Timepieces

We all have phones and laptops and tablets and all sorts of timekeeping technology, but that doesn’t mean a good watch has gone out of style. Not by any means. And the thing is, it’s much more practical to know the time just by looking at your wrist than fishing for your phone from a bag or pocket. Another thing is that if … continue reading


Breitling B05 Unitime Shifts Through 24 Timezones

If the wide majority of men would consider a watch as being the proper accessory for your left hand’s wrist, Bentley wants to prove differently. And they won’t do it for free; you’d have to pay $500,000 to see it for yourself. What they are calling a hand sculpture is flawlessly represented by a Breitling B05 Unitime watch. The kind … continue reading

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Angelus U20 Ultra-Skeleton Tourbillon

A Masterpiece of Horology In 2015, Angelus released the U10 Tourbillon Lumiere, a watch that tried to inspire and innovate. This time around, the U20 provides a more classical approach to the overall design, made using sapphire, titanium and carbon designed in the most lightweight fashion possible, allowing the light to enter in between the watch’s components and reveal as … continue reading

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Hublot Big Bang Unico Black Magic

Under the Umbrella of Big Bang Unico When we say Hublot, we mean brilliance in design. At least, this is how I think about it. The way they decide to craft their timepieces is a stamp of excellence, a true landmark for everyone to see how beauty and talent can mix and result in timeless creations. The Big Ban Unico … continue reading

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