The world of watch-making hasn’t seen much progress in the last decades (except, maybe, for the addition of unnecessary bling), but the watch we’re about to show you does take some steps into changing traditional mechanisms. It’s called Ressence Type 3 and it features an interesting new concept – that of fluid in its system.

How does this work?

Different from most watches, where there is a pocket of air between the face of the watch and the inside surface of the crystal, here the space is filled with a clear refractive fluid, which bathes the orbiting indications and creates a two-dimensional impression of them being closer to the eyes of the lucky owner. The fluid is a naphtha-type liquid, that reduces the refraction index to a minimum, tricking one’s perception into thinking you would be able to „touch time itself” (their words, not ours).

The dome-shaped dial shelters a number of 28 gears and 57 jewels and it’s made out of sapphire crystal, while on the outside there is no crown to turn. Really. This is also an innovative aspect of this watch, as it allows you to wind it by simply turning the case back and revolving different rings. An argument for simplicity, we may call it.

Moving the discussion along to the scary part, know that the Ressence will set you back $30,000. For this money, we expect it to stop time, but we heard that’s not possible… yet. So we’ll pass, but we sure hope someone enjoys these history-making concepts and innovations.