As technology evolves with the speed of light, we shouldn’t be surprised of the changes even the simplest things we use undertake. Wrist watches, for instance, have been transformed into über-cool gadgets. The Camo Android Phone Watch is a clear example of what I’m saying. Even its name gives us a clue that it does more than regular watches which in the last years have become more a fashion-statement than a useful instrument.

[adsense300gray]This is a phone-watch and it does more or less the same things as a regular mobile phone, being equipped with an Android 2.2 OS operating system, a 2.0 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen, a microphone slot, a MircoSD card slot which can take up to 8GB, Bluetooth, a speaker, WiFi, and also a 2 MP camera. It has a CPU speed of 426 MHz, an internal memory of 300 MB, and a screen resolution of 320 * 240 pixels. It holds a battery with a capacity of 800 mAh, and it can last up to 36 hours in stand-by or 4 hours in talk-time. This gadget supports the most popular media file formats and the range can be extended through third-party apps.

With all these features, this watch makes a pretty smart tool, don’t you think? And, due to its neat design its user will surely stand out of the crowd!

Thus, the Camo Android Phone Watch is a must-have for both technology addicts and style concerned! It comes at the price of $250 and the package also includes: a USB charging cable, a charging adapter, an English manual, earphones, a Bluetooth clip, a USB extension cable, and a TF Card.