In case you can’t afford Ferrari’s new „LaFerrari”, you can please yourself with something less expensive, yet luxury. Hublot has delivered their own „LaFerrari”, only their product is a watch and is called „MP-05 LaFerrari”. The connection between the car and the watch is the design. Hublot created the watch to look like a miniature engine strapped to the wrist.
MP-05 was actually developed in parallel with the car and benefits of several tips from Ferrari. If you can imagine, the watch is equipped with a Tourbillon and a power reserve of nearly two months.
The watch is made from black PVD titanium. Hublot copied the car’s outline so closely, the watch features a complex shaped sapphire crystal and an open case-back. They haven’t forgot Ferrariā€™s red signature, so the watch also has reinforcing bars either side, made from anodized red aluminum.
Impressed much? Hurry because it’s limited edition.