Nico Gerard is a luxury brand that continues family tradition of innovations, their timepieces are modern classics crafted in Switzerland. This is how the creators of Skyview Pinnacle present themselves, and the new concept coming out from them is inspired by the bright color of the summer sky, relaxing, giving you the calmness of the summit in the Alps – but wait for it, there is something more. I find this watch a true piece of art. You don’t get to see such a beauty each and every day, so try and enjoy it, you might find yourself captured by its brilliance. This watch should make its way to every collector’s shelf, as it is limited to only 99 timepieces.


What is actually limited in this edition is the Apple iWatch you can find on the back of the strap. The high class of such a model is to be found not only in its deisgn and elegance, but also in its utility, just think that you can have two diamond league watches at the very same hand, at the same time, and to me, this is yet another true statement of quality.  This watch measures not only time. It measures class, and much more than this. You now can make a real good impression, no matter the occasion: business meetings, dinner with family, going for a walk in the park, you name it, this watch has got you covered for it. Think yourself as of a real man ? Try not to think twice if you want this to be on your wrist. This is more than an asset, it is a companion, your introduction to everyone around you. Think of it as your friend,taking you through every moment of your life.