Described as „conspicuously large, conspicuously beautiful”, the Tangente Datum is an award-winning German timepiece (it won a Good Design Award in 2012) made by Glashütte’s Nomos. Nomos is famous for using 100% in-house movements in its watches, and the Tangente Datum uses caliber β (Beta). As all good designs, this one starts from the inside out: the beta caliber actually helps keep the watch profile slim, while still offering a large, easy to read date ring.

Its details are extremely well executed, the watch molding itself around your wrist as if it belonged there. And it does. A combination of Bauhaus and Art Deco, the Tangente Datum has rich blue hands, a pearlescent white dial and sapphire back case. If we had to use two words to describe this watch, they would be crisp and modern.

Nomos Tangente Datum blue

Nomos Tangente Datum close up

Nomos Tangente Datum back