Smartwatches tend to look a bit chunky and sporty. If you’re a classy person, but still love technology  you probably find it hard to match your smartwatch with your outfit! But these worries are over! Névo represents a new generation of smartwatches that combines minimalism with technology!

[adsense300gray]What does Névo do besides looking good? Lots of things: it manages your daily activity; tracks steps; gives instant feedback about your activity and motivates you towards healthy daily habits, and much more. Also, it can be connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone and, thus, alerts you when you receive a phone call or text message. The silent vibrating alarm can be used to set daily wake-up notifications or important reminders.

Since timekeeping is the most important feature of a watch, the Névo creators have built this gadget around a Swiss movement from ETA.  But the coolest thing about Névo is that it works on dual watch batteries so that it doesn’t require charging!

Névo comes in both male and female sizes, and in 3 styles:

  • Paris : elegance;
  • New York : a combination between old-craftsmanship and new-world ingenuity;
  • Shanghai: captures the spirit of ambition.

Each watch comes with 2 interchangeable straps, thus you can adapt you watch to your style. The first is made of Italian leather and will help you create a look perfect for every occasion and the second is made out of a durable fabric which makes it perfect for runners and swimmers.

Its creators have created a watch that is durable, unique, useful and stylish. The watch is available for pre-odrer, and also if you like this project you can become a contributor and help make Névo affordable and user-friendly!

If you choose to become a contributor you will receive: a high discount, the chance to have before anybody else a cool gadget and to be part of an interesting project! Trust me, you won’t regret!