Ritot, does it ring a bell? I am actually a watch afficionado and I never heard about Ritot until this evening. But, what these guys did is actually awesome : Ritot is the new kid on the block when it comes to futuristic watches, and you can take that to the bank. What we’re dealing here with is world’s first projection watch. Yes, you got that right. Unlike your regular and boring $20,000 white gold/white dial Patek Philippe, this watch right hereĀ is a cool piece of plastic that looks more like a jewel/bracelet but what it does is way cooler than any regular timepiece : it will project the dial onto your wrist, in any color you like. (more than 20 colors available).


Naturally, since our world is getting smarter by the minute, Ritot will keep you up to date (via a dedicated app) with your incoming calls, meetings, reminders, text messages, Facebook messages and so on and so forth. And obviously, these notifications will be displayed on your hand!


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