[adsense300gray]Once upon a time, when I was happy and travelling in Berlin, I knew an Iranian dude with a gold tooth and a golden Benz. I think this Triwa Black Gold Chrono watch would fit like a glove for my friend Ahmed and his yellow Mercedes Benz. I mean, take a look at this beautiful $460  golden watch with a little touch of black on the hands! Ain’t that something? I bet every cabbie driver in Tehran would kill his white camel just to get one of these. Too bad that there’s an embargo on Iran, being in the axis of evil and all that. Featuring an exclusive Miyota OS11 movement, with a polished gold plated stainless steel case and a gold (what else?) sun-ray bezel, this Triwa will drive all the girls crazy, believe me habibi. And if you don’t believe me, just ask my friend Ahmed, I think he’s still driving that awesome cab in Berlin.


triwa 2

triwa 3


triwa 4


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