The perfect watch to take with you on Mars, if you get chosen for the colonization of the planet, will show you the time in a space-like fashion–not that you’ll be needing any timekeeping where you’ll be. Anger everyone by showing the intricate pattern and only smiling enigmatically when asked „What time is it?” Most of them won’t be able to read it at first sight. If they are, take them as space companions. The watch has a black LCD interface, which makes vibrant tones of green or gold can be easily read during the day (for night mode, there’s a button that illuminates the surface). Available in 3 different models: black, silver, and gold, you would love the complicated pristine sand-blasted finish on both the case and strap.


How it works: the digital time (in hours and minutes) is displayed in stylized digits and is read from left to right. The date (month and day) is displayed from top to bottom. SONY DSC SONY DSC