All Star Trek fans beware! There’s a new money-taker on the market, that appeals not only to your fandom–well, actually, it does appeal only to your fandom. Designer Peter Fletcher gave the Excelsior watch an asymmetrical ship-like shape on which the time is displayed by 2 analogue discs that describe the hours and minutes. All operated by little men in your little Star Trek ship. Don’t forget to feed them. This design provides larger internal space for sophisticated mechanism and electronics (and little men.) The display area is large but not too thick, in order to avoid any bulkiness. We say that, unless the time is in Klingon, this watch doesn’t cut it. What’s your opinion?

excelsior-watch-by-peter-fletcher9 excelsior-watch-by-peter-fletcher8 excelsior-watch-by-peter-fletcher6 excelsior-watch-by-peter-fletcher2