Here’s a really special watch for those of you gentlemen who want something out of the ordinary for wearing, with pride, on your wrists. I give you the rvnDSGN 3D printed timepiece, a piece of work manufactured in solid titanium and the very first to lead the field when it comes to the 3D rapid-prototyping technology, thanks to one creative and talented guy, Zach Raven.

[adsense300gray]These babies are different from anything you’ve seen before, but they don’t really look like it at first glance, as their design, although being sleek, doesn’t stand far from your classic, simple, old-school watch. On a closer look, you’ll come to notice and appreciate its attractive, timeless design, the flawless craftsmanship, the high-quality materials and the overall premium look. This watch  is quite impressive if you’re into minimalist design and you’re obsessed with details.

The rvnDSGN timepieces feature Swiss ETA-7 jewel movements and a sapphire crystal lens which is the second big enemy of scratches (only diamonds are harder). Your hand will be surrounded by a beautifully crafted leather strap, provided by the famous Worn & Wound manufacturer. You have 5 leather strap models to choose from, including a very classy white italian leather with gold/silver hardware, for $34.99 a piece.