Let me tell you something folks: don’t you think that two handles on a watch are a little bit too much of a hustle and overrated? I mean, who needs a regular watch, after all? It’s way too mainstream. Hence, let me show you something different, for a change : say hi to the Minuteman, the One Hand Watch! What makes this little guy stand out from the crowd is the fact that’s almost impossible to tell the exact time when looking at it. At least, in the beginning; given time, you will accommodate to the lack of the regular hour/minute hands and you will learn to live with just one hand, like a true man. Life will be more meaningful, you will see. Also, this watch makes for the perfect gift if you want to vex your friends, especially if you want to teach him/her a lesson about „Life is hard, Beavis”, if you know what I mean. Made of stainless steel and capable of withstanding 30 meter vertical dives, the Minuteman watch is almost indestructible, so once you get one of those, you’re stuck with it for life!


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