[adsense300gray]Timex, the world-renowned watch maker, recently released a new series of watches, the Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs.

As most Timex watches, this line represents a nice blend of affordable and yet pretty cool time pieces. The Intelligent Quartz series comes with nice gimmicks like altimeters and compasses, and despite these nerdish functions, they still look pretty good.

The Linear Chronograph line takes a different approach in order to display the chronograph function of the watch, in a unique way. Instead of the classical bi or tri compax layout of round sub-dials, as the name suggests, the Linear Chronograph uses a linear display. The design of the watches is futuristic and reminds me of the Blade Runner design, if you’ve seen the movie you know what I’m talking about.

The case is massive, 47 mm wide and has aggressive lines, comes with crown guards and features an external tachymeter bezel. As for the prices, it goes everywhere from $225 to $250, depending on the model. The watches are well built and rugged, and if you’re looking for something „special” without spending a fortune, you can take a look at the┬áTimex Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs line.

Timex Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs

Timex Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs 1

Timex Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs 2

Timex Intelligent Quartz Linear Chronographs 3