A Masterpiece of Horology

In 2015, Angelus released the U10 Tourbillon Lumiere, a watch that tried to inspire and innovate. This time around, the U20 provides a more classical approach to the overall design, made using sapphire, titanium and carbon designed in the most lightweight fashion possible, allowing the light to enter in between the watch’s components and reveal as much as possible from the tinkering done inside. Techincally, it should be established as a masterpiece of horology.

This time, we don’t talk about the precision brought down to the most infinitesimal of details, surrounding any true Swiss made watch. We have, as the name very well bears within, a specially designed and crafted Tourbilion, called Ultra-Skeleton. The manufacture of the watch is another focal point of their creation, as it gives the illusion of levitating inside the case. A transparent sapphire crystal serves as the main plate, offering the chance of removing any other unnecessary component around.

Angelus U20 – Going Straight Forward

This timepiece is made for those who really like to have all control. It’s for those who like everything optimized and sleek. This watch is not a lightweight edition or a streamlined original. Quite the contrary, this watch is designed to impress, with elements imagined to represent a creation of high class. Wearing this watch is a way to let everyone know you’re going straight forward, not wasting time on any superfluous details, always prepared for the next big step. I think of it as a highly customized and personalized vehicle. A race car you might think, well, I take limousine.

I like it in all the aspects, the flying tourbillon, the sapphire crystal dome and plate, the skeletonized blued titanium bridges, the rubies and the many more available for the Angelus U20. It is, needless to say, a limited edition watch.